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The Death of a Prophet

Iíve looked for death
For a thousand years
Iíve walked
Through sands and
Tears of dust after the storm
The worm has come
It raises high above me
Blocking the sun
And the winds that scald my flesh
And whip my cape to chap my skin
As it falls back to the sands again
I close my eyelids
And I would cry if I had eyes
Wishing for release at last
To go to that place where we walk
Without footprints in the morning dunes
But Iím not that lucky
Yet I will pass into the mythical heaven
Of Alam Al-Mithal
No one shall find me in the endless dunes
A blind man walking alone in the desert
Having not even the second moon for comfort



Tleilaxu Temptation

The temptation
To defy nature
To decide for another
Heaven, Hell, purgatory
To live, safe,
With wife, with children
Too great a temptation
How can one choose?
Life and love or what is right?




What do you see?
Tiny, black, pitted facets
Gray eyes with no end
Steel that can perceive
What did technology impede?
When the flesh dies?
Tleilaxu eyes.



Blind Prophet

When his love died
His vision left him
And he was left
With only that last sight
Of her corpse



The Son of Dune

The thunder clap
In the night
Wakes us from sleep
And is gone.
It swept away
The mourner and the mourned.



Fremen Lover

Your eyes are like two round pools of the loveliest blue
Like the eyes of Ibad
Or like the waters that such eyes have never seen
Your voice, as soft as a Caladan wind
Or as harsh as a coriolis storm
And humble the passage of Shi-hulud
Your tears are a gift from heaven
But, poisons to God
Your hair, once the color of rocks in the shadow of the first moon
Is now the color of the noon day sun
Your skin as soft as the first moons light
Heaven help me this night



Child of Arrakeen

Ride your worm of space
Watch your moon fall
I hold the ace
Give me back my ball



Gods of Dune

Ride the worm of space
Sing your songs of ritual
Praise your god of praise
Who do the gods worship?
Base things have a home for confession
Habitual ecstasy renders most
Amaze your sycophants
Worship me



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