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Welcome to the Offical S. K. Kahl website!

As an aspiring author and an AMV editor, I created this site
to showcase my work and update fans.


Site Map:

  • Please visit my Blog for substantive updates and any little diatribes that occur to me.

  • In the Publication section, I will feature anything of mine that is actually published. I don't plan for this section to be empty for long

  • In the AMV section you may download iPod (.mp4) versions of my AMVs.

  • Biography is self-explanatory.

  • In a flash of masochism, I've posted some of my Poetry here. I've pretty much given up on poetry and focus on narrative fiction, but here's the best of what I've done.

  • In the Notes section I will define and explain various real world references I use in my novels coming from history and mythology.

  • I've noticed that there are words I use that no one else seems to know, so as a public service, I've compiled a Vocabulary list of excellent words I come upon that most people don't seem to know.

  • The Writing Links are a list of sites that help me as an author or I think could be of use to other authors.

  • I like to collect wisdom and what better method than famous Quotes. In this section I will share my favorite quotes.

  • And lastly, I would like to Recommend books I've read, movies I've seen, and various other things to my visitors. I'll list things that catch my attention and tell you a little about what I like about them.

















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