Soul Catcher

Wow! Look at all the Bees!

I know what you're saying after reading this book. I mean, I've had the same thought. Who wouldn't? Who couldn't help but ask, "Can I have some of what Mr. Herbert was smoking when he wrote this?" Far out!
The story revolves around the kidnapping of a young boy who happens to be the son of a prominent politician. He is kidnapped by a Native American living in the California coastal mountains because the 'Indian' has been given a vision by Bee, his spirit creature. He has to find out whether this boy is worthy of what destiny says the 'Indian' must do. And what is that I hear you asking? Well we can't tell you everything now, can we. But rest assured the ending is well worth the length of the novel itself.
I notice that this book is currently unavailable (out of print). Sad. Such a good story. I've also heard rumor that they might be bringing it back into print...but don't tell anyone. It'll be our little secret, okay?

by Byron Merritt, November 26, 2001