The Worlds of Frank Herbert:
Contains: "The Tactful Saboteur," "By the Book," "Committee of the Whole," "Mating Call," "Escape Felicity," "The GM Effect," "The Featherbedders," "Old Rambling House," and "A-W-F Unlimited."
First edition: New York: Ace, 1971 (paper)


The Book of Frank Herbert:
Contains: "Seed Stock," "The Nothing," "Rat Race," "Gambling Device," " Looking for Something," "The Gone Dogs," "Passage for Piano," "Encounter in a Lonely Place," "Operation Syndrome," and "Occupation Force."
First edition: New York: DAW Books, 1973 (paper)


Eye, (Jim Burns (Illustrator)):
Contains: "Rat Race," "Dragon in the Sea," "Cease Fire," "A Matter of Traces," "Try to Remember," 'The Tactful Saboteur," "The Road to Dune," "By the Book," Seed Stock," Murder Will In," "Passage for Piano," "Death of a City," and "Frogs and Scientists."
Serial publication: none
First edition: New York: Berkley, 1985 (trade paper).