The Pandora Chronicles

Destination: Void

Survival Of The Human Race Depends On Three Peoples Attempts To Create A Artificial Intelligance, But It Could Destroy Them All

They were headed toward a planet circling the far distant Tua Ceti - a ripe Eden world waiting to be plucked for the future of the human race. But three-fourths of the way through the Solar System, their ship failed: its propelling engines, three all-powerful OMC (Organic Mental Core) brains had, quite suddenly and unexplainably, gone mad.
There was only one possible solution for survival - to create a "conscious" mechanical brain able to guide them to their destination. But would there be enough time before they plunged into oblivion - for they were working with limited resources. Under unbearable pressure . . . and against impossible odds. But if they succeeded, they would be at the very mercy of the ship . . . trapped in the Void.


The Jesus Incident

Unwelcome To Pandora

Raja Flattery, as chaplain/psychiatrist of the Tau Ceti expedition, had participated in the development of the vast artificial consciousness known as Ship that had guided humankind to the stars. Now Ship has its own destiny - and its own demands. And Raja finds himself awakened from cold sleep to assist in the creation of a new order of man that can participate in the ultimate act of evolution: worShip. But two men threaten the very exsistance of life on Pandora, both in high positions. The only hope for Pandora lies in Raja Flattery and the last Earth-born human, Ship's favorite, the young poet, Kerro Panille.


The Lazarus Effect

A World Of Water

Ship, an artificial intelligence that believed it was God, abandoning its unworthy human cargo on the all-sea world of Pandora. Now centuries have passed. The descendants of humanity, split into Mermen and Islanders, must reunite... because Pandora's original owner is returning to life, the sentient kelp.


The Ascension Factor

New Worlds, New Destinies, But First We Must Survive Ourselves.

The sea-world of Pandora, so unlike waterless Dune, is similar in one fateful way - its struggle for survival. An awesome conflict, one that will either transform or destroy the planet, has divided the people of Pandora: its dictator, the sadistic Raja Flattery...its resistance, the anarchistic Shadows (who may or may not exist)...and its promised savior, the beautiful near-human Crista Galli, who was raised undersea. Now the remnants of humanity, having mastered the Void and transformed this new world, depart once more for the waiting stars. . . But this time, Man does not go alone.