Destination: Void

Survival Of The Human Race Depends On Three Peoples Attempts To Create A Artificial Intelligance, But It Could Destroy Them All

They were headed toward a planet circling the far distant Tua Ceti - a ripe Eden world waiting to be plucked for the future of the human race. But three-fourths of the way through the Solar System, their ship failed: its propelling engines, three all-powerful OMC (Organic Mental Core) brains had, quite suddenly and unexplainably, gone mad.
There was only one possible solution for survival - to create a "conscious" mechanical brain able to guide them to their destination. But would there be enough time before they plunged into oblivion - for they were working with limited resources. Under unbearable pressure . . . and against impossible odds. But if they succeeded, they would be at the very mercy of the ship . . . trapped in the Void.