Whipping Star

A BuSab agent must begin by learning the linguistic modes and action limits (usually self-imposed) of the societies he treats. The agent seeks data on the functional relationship which drive from our common universe and which arise from interdependencies. Such interdependencies are the frequent first victims of word-illusions. Societies based on ignorance of original interdependencies come sooner or later to stalemate. Too long frozen, such societies die.
--BuSab Manual

A Bureau is a life form and Bureaucrat one of its cells. That analogy teaches us which are the more important cells, which in greatest peril, which most easily replaced, and how easy it is to be mediocre.
--Later writings of Bildoon IV

Language is a kind of code dependent upon the life rhythms of the species which originated the language. Unless you learn those rhythms, the code remains mostly unintelligible.
--BuSab Manual

The play of words can lead to certain expectations which life is unable to match. The is a source of much insanity and other forms of unhappiness.
--Wreave Saying

All definitions, no matter the language, should be considered probationary.
--The Caleban Question by Dwel Hartavid

Never underestimate the power of wishful thinking of filter what the eye see and what the ears hear.
--The Abnethe Case, BuSab Private Files

There is no such thing as pure objectivity.
--Gowachin Aphorism

Facts can be whatever you want them to be. This is the lesson of relativity.
--BuSab Manual

Where is the weapon with which I enforce your bondage? You give it to me every time you time you open your mouth.
--Lactac Riddle

It is because you speak to me that I do not believe in you.
--Quoted from the Caleban

He was the kind of man who created his own death.
--Epitaph for Ailchino Furuneo

Body jargon hormone squirts, these begin to get at communication.
--Culture Lag, an unpublished work by Jorj X. Mckie

You can say things which cannot be done. This is elementary. The trick is to keep attention focused on what is said and not on what can be done.
--BuSab Manual

It is impossible to see any absolute through a screen of interpreters.
--Wreave Saying

Learning a language represents training in the delusion of that language.
--Gowachin Aphorism

A basic requirement for BuSab agents is, Perhaps, that we make the right mistakes.
--McKie's commentary on Furuneo BuSab Private files

If you say, "I understand." what have you done? You made a value Judgment.
--Lactac Riddle

All the wisdom of the universe cannot match the alert willingness to dodge a violent blow.
--Ancient Folk Saying

One species can, all by itself, produce infinite varieties of experiences. The interaction between many species creates the illusion that infinity has been enlarged by several orders magnitude.
--The Caleban Question by Dwel Hartavid

Providence and Manifest Destiny are synonyms often invoked to support arguments founded in wishful thinking.
--from The Wreace Commentary

If you believe yourself sufficiently hungry, you will eat your own thoughts.
--A Palenki Saying

No language has ever really come to grips with temporal relationships.
--A Gowachin Opinion

Delusions demand reflex reactions (as though they had autonomic roots) where doubts and questioning not only aren't required, but are actively resisted.
--BuSab Manual

Taken in isolated tandem, Government and Justice are mutually exclusive. There must be a third force at work for any society to achieve both government and justice. This is why the Bureau of Sabotage sometimes is called "The Third Force."
--from an elementary Textbook

Any conversations a unique jazz performance. Some are more pleasing to the ears, but that is not necessarily a measure of their importance.
--Lactac Commentary

The most common use of abstraction is to conceal contradictions. It must be noted that that abstracting process has been demonstrated to be infinite.
--Culture Lag, an unpublished work by Jorj X. McKie

The value of self government at an individual level cannot be overestimated.
--BuSab Manual

If words are your symbols of reality, you live in a dream world.
--Wreave Saying