You must understand that peace is an internal matter. It has to be a self-discipline for an individual or for an entire civilization. It must come from within. If you set up an outside power to enforce peace, this outside power will grow stronger and stronger. It has no alternative. The inevitable outcome will be an explosion, cataclysmic and chaotic. That is the way of our universe. When you create paired opposites, one will overwhelm the other unless they are in delicate balance.
--The writings of Diana Bullone

To become a god, a living creature must transcend the physical. The three steps of this transcendent path are known. First, he must come upon the awareness of secret aggression. Second, he must come upon the discernment of purpose within the animal shape. Third, he must experience.
When this is done, the nascent god must find his own rebirth in a unique ordeal by which he discovers the one who summoned him.
--"The Making of a God," The Amel Handbook

A religion requires numerous dichotomic relationships. It needs believers and unbelievers. It needs those who know the mysteries and those who only know fear them. It needs the insider and the outsider. It needs both a god and a devil. It needs absolutes and relativity. It needs that which is formless (though in the process of forming) and that which is formed.
--Religious Engineering, Secret writing of Amel

Anyone who has ever felt his skin crawl with the electrifying awareness of an unseen presence knows the primary sensation of Psi.
--Halmyrach, Abbod of Amel, Psi and Religion, Preface

One of the essential problems in engineering, a religion for any species is to recognize and refrain from inhibiting those self-regulating systems in the species upon which the species' survival depends.
--Religious Engineering, field handbook

Every sapient creature needs a religion of some kind.
--Noah Arkwright the basic scripture of Amel

Bow down to Ullua, the star wanderer of the Ayrbs. Let no blasphemy occur, nor permit a blasphemer to live. May blasphemy shrive the mouth. Blasphemers are accursed of God and accused of the blessed. Let this curse strike a blasphemer from the sole of his foot to crown of his head, sleeping and waking, sitting and standing...
--Invocation for the Day of Bairam

Because the earliest Psi sensations came upon mankind from the unknown, primitive emotional associations with Psi were those of fear and the maya projection of false realities, of incubi and witches and warlocks and sabbats. These associations are bred into us and our kind has a strong tendency to recapitulate the old mistakes.
--Halmyrach, Abbod of Amel, Psi and Religion

"It is by death that life is known," the Abbod said. "Without the eternal presence of death there can be no awarenees, no ascendancy of symbols into the void-without-background".
--Royali's Religion for Everyone, conversations with the Abbod.

As the mythological glossary developed our first primitive understanding of Psi, a transformation occurred. Out of the grimoire came curiosity and the translation of fear into experiment. Men dared explore this terrifying frontier with the analytical tools of the mind. From these largely unsophisticated gropings arose the first pragmatic handbooks out of which we developed Religious Psi.
--Halmyrach, Abbod of Amel, Psi and Religion

Part of our problem centers on the effort to introduce external control for a system-of -systems that should be maintained by internal balancing forces. We are not attempting to recognize and refrain from inhibiting those self-regulating systems in our species upon which species survival depends. We are ignoring our own feedback functions.
--Lewis Orne's Report on Hamal

The human operate out of complex superiority demands, self-affirming though ritual, insisting upon a rational need to learn, striving for self-imposed goals, manipulating his environment while he denies his own adaptive abilities, never fully satisfied.
--Lectures of Halmyrach. private publication files of Amel

In the terms of human systems, feedback involves complicated unconscious processes, both individual and in a collective or social sense. That individual can be influenced by such unconscious forces has long been recognized. The large-scale processes and their influence, however, are less well known. We tend to see them only latently in a statistical sense--by population curves, by historical evolution, by changes which stretch across the centuries. We often ascribe such processes to religious forces and have a tendency to avoid examining them analytically.
--Lectures of the Abbod (privately circulated)

Music represents an essential part of many Psi experiences which are labeled religion. Though the ecstatic force of rhythmic sounds, we perceive a call directed at powers outside of time and lacking the usual breadth and length compressed into the forms of matter by our corner of the endless dimensions.
--Noah Arkwright, The Forms of Psi

We have a very ancient saying: The more God, the more devil; the more flesh, the more worms, the more the property, the more anxiety; the more control, the more the that needs control.
--The Abbods of Amel, Psi Commentary

Those who seek knowledge for the sake of reward, yea even to the knowledge of Psi, report the errors of the primitive religions. Knowledge gained out of fear or hope of reward holds you in a basket of ignorance. Thus the ancients learned to falsify their lives.
--Sayings of the Abbods, The Approach to Psi

There is a devil in anything we don't understand. The background of the universe appears black to the lidded eye. Thus, we perceive a Satanic backdrop from which all insecurity originates. It is from this area of constant menace that we achieve our vision of hell. To defeat this devil, we strive for the illusion of all-knowing. In the face of an infinite universe imminent beyond the Satonic backdrop, the never-ending. All must remain illusion--only illusion and no more, Accept this and the backdrop falls.
--The Abbod Halmyrach, Religion into Psi

Death has many aspects: Nirvana, the endless wheel of life, the balance between organism and thinking as a pure activity, tension/relaxation, pain and pleasure, goal-seeking and abnegation. The list is inexhaustible.
--Noah Arkwright, Aspect of Religion

A universe without war involves critical-mass concepts as applied to human beings. Any immediate issue which might lead to war is always escalated to questions of personal value, to the complication of technological synergism, to questions of an ethico-religious nature, to which areas are open for counteraction and, inevitably, there remain the unknowns, omnipresent and likely of insidious complexity. The human situation as it relates to war can be likened to a multilinear looped feedback system in which nothing is unimportant.
--"War, the Un-possible," Chapter IV, I-A Manual

When a wise man does not understand, he says: "I do not understand." The fool and the uncultured are ashamed of their ignorance. They remain silent when a question could bring them wisdom.
--Says of the Abbod

We come from All-One and return to the All-One. How can we keep anything from the Source that was and the End that is?
--Sayings of the Abbods

The day is short and the work is great, and the workers are lazy, but the reward is large and our Master urges us to make haste.
--Writings of the Abbod Halmyrach

The pattern of massive lethal violence, that phenomenon we call war, is maintained by a guilt-hate-fear syndrome which is transmitted much in the manner of a disease is a very human thing, the disease itself is not a necessary and natural condition of human existence. Among those conditioned patterns which transmit the war virus you will find the following--the justification of past mistakes, feeling of self-righteousness and the need to maintain such feelings...
--Umbo Stetson, Lectures to the Antiwar College

Which is the better: a good friend, a good heart, a good eye, a good neighbor, a good wife, or understanding of consequences? It is none of these. A warm and sensitive soul which knows the worth of fellowship and the price of the individual dignity--this is best.
--Bakrish as a student to his guru

The teacher who does not learn from his student does not teach. The student who sneers at his teacher's true knowledge is like one who chooses unripe grapes and scorns the sweet fruit of the vine which has been allowed to ripen in its own in its own time.
--Sayings of the Abbods

Silence is the guardian of wisdom, but loud jesting and levity lead a man into his own ignorance. Where there is ignorance there is no understanding of God.
--Sayings of the Abbods

Order implies law. By this, we indicate the form which helps our understanding of order, enabling as to predict and otherwise deal with order. To go on to say, however, that law requires intent, this is another issue. It does not at all follow the existence of law. In fact, awareness of eternity opens quite a contrary view. Intent requires beginning: first, the intent and then law. The essence of eternity is no beginning, no end. Without beginning, no intent. no eternal motive. Without end, no ultimate goal, no judgment. From these observations, we postulate that sin and guilt, products of intent, are not fixed derivatives of eternity. At the very least, such concepts as sin-guilt-judgment require beginnings, thus occur as segments of eternity. Such concepts are ways of dealing with finite law and, only incidentally, with eternal matter. It is thus we understand how limited and limiting are our projections onto Godhead.
--Abbod Halmyrach, Challenge of Eternity

Envy, desire and ambition limit a man to the Universe of Maya. And what is that Universe? It is only the projection of his envy, his desire and his ambition.
--Noah Arkwright, The Wisdom of Amel

Worldly use of power can destroy an angel. This is the lesson of peace. Loving peace and pursuing peace are not enough. One must also love one's fellows. Thus one learns the dynamic and loving conflict which we call life.
--Noah Arkwright, The wisdom of Amel

It is not necessarily loving kindness to build a fence around your master. How then can he observe his servants and see that they minister to him without thought of reward? No, my son, a fence is often a work of fear and a container for dust.
--Sayings of the Abbods

As Orne indicated, the prophet who calls forth the dead actually returns the body's matter to a time when it was alive. The man who walks from planet to planet sees time as a specific location; without time to stretch across it, there is not space. Orne has created our universe as an expanding balloon of irregular dimensions. Thus he accepted my challenge and answered my prayer. We can continue staring at our universe though the symbol-grids which we construct. We can continue reading our universe like an old man with his nose pressed against the page.
--Private report of the Abbod Halmyrach